Dream of: 16 December 2007 "Dipping Into It"

While I was with my mother in a house where she was living, Harmon (only about four feet tall) walked in (Harmon was a handy man who had worked on several of my houses in Portsmouth). I had been expecting him. 

After he had walked down a hallway to a bedroom where I was, I left him in the bedroom and I walked back out to the kitchen where my mother was. A few minutes later, Harmon walked into the kitchen (holding something which looked like a Q-tip) and announced it was "dark red."

I realized that while he had been in the bedroom, he had taken a test for AIDS. A streak of color on the Q-tip gave the result. A blue color would indicate a negative result, while a red color would indicate a positive result. Continuing to talk about his result, Harmon said on a scale of one to ten, with ten being a positive indication of AIDS, his result was about an eight. He explained that his result didn't positively mean he had AIDS, but the result was definitely bad. He said this result was worse than the last test he had taken.

Astonished, I stared at Harmon. I knew both he and I had been having sex with Michelle. If he, Michelle, and I all had AIDS, we would have something which would bind us to each other and we would probably end up spending the rest of our miserable lives together. I was in shock.

Realizing I needed to take the test myself, I walked back into the bedroom, took one of the Q-tips and swabbed my teeth with it to get saliva on the Q-tip. I waited a few moments, then saw my result turning even darker red than Harmon's. I walked back into the kitchen and showed the Q-tip to Harmon.

My mother (probably in her mid 40s) was sitting at the kitchen table. She didn't say anything.

I was alarmed. I said my result was even darker than Harmon's. Referring to the frequency of my having sex with Michelle, I added, "That's because I've been dipping into it almost every day."

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