Dream of: 14 December 2007 "Renegades"

I was watching a movie which seemed to be set in the time of the American Civil War. A group of people (mostly men) had gathered on a street in a town. Sitting to the side, wearing an orange dress, was a woman who resembled the actress Julianne Moore. She suddenly heard something and a group of perhaps 50 men on horses rode out of a nearby woods. The woman stood up and the men on the horses surrounded her. An aerial view was shown looking straight down on the circle of riders surrounding the woman and drawing ever closer to her.

It soon became clear that the Civil War had ended and that these men were renegade Confederate soldiers who had banded together and were now rampaging through the countryside. One renegade grabbed the woman and tried to kiss her as she struggled to escape him. Another renegade, apparently in charge, pulled the first renegade off the woman and took control of the situation. I thought the woman would probably be alright.

The scene changed to the men who had gathered for the meeting in the street. It was night and the men were now being shot by the renegades. One man tried to run away and was shot in the back. Four other men were kneeling down and waiting to be shot. The carnage was awful.

The scene changed to the interior of a building. The room seemed a bit like a saloon, except all kinds of things were stored in the room. The woman in the orange dress was lying on her back on the floor and a man was on top of her, having intercourse with her. I suddenly realized the renegades had captured the woman and they were taking turns having sex with her. It was an awful sight.

Another woman had also been captured and the renegades were raping her on a table. I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. When the second woman raised her head up, I saw she had something which looked like a trombone stuck in her mouth. Obviously someone was torturing her by cramming the trombone in her mouth.

The camera again focused on the first woman lying on the floor. It looked as if one of the renegades was pulling something out of her rectum. The camera focused on her vagina. A renegade had stuck his finger in her vagina and was frenetically pushing the finger in and out of the vagina.

I felt sorry for the woman and I would have liked to have helped her, but I now realized that I myself was also in the room and that I needed to be careful that no one saw me. If I were discovered, I might be killed. I didn't even know who I was, but I thought I must be one of the denizens of this town. I pulled myself back into a corner where some mattresses were lying. One renegade saw me and seemed to feel sorry for me. He apparently thought I was one of his fellow renegades. He walked over to me and tried to cover me with a blanket.

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