Dream of: 24 November 2007 "Mystery Solved"

I had bought a notebook at a second-hand store. Once I was home, I began looking through the notebook, which was filled with papers, and I was surprised when I found a small piece of paper which said, "Steve." As I pondered the paper, I thought I recognized the writing and I thought this might have been an old notebook which had belonged to my junior high sweetheart, Debi.

Seeing the notebook brought back to memory a particular event when I had been in high school. At that time, I had mysteriously begun finding anonymous notes in my high school locker. The notes had said that Debi liked me. I wasn't able to figure out who had been sending the notes, so I set a little trap. I intended to watch the locker from a hiding spot. I left a note in my locker which said that I was watching the locker and that I now knew who was sending the notes. But I didn't watch the locker long enough and I wasn't able to discover the person. After I left my note, the notes from the anonymous person ceased.

I continued looking through the notebook and I found several letters which were definitely Debi's and I concluded that the notebook had indeed belonged to her. I continued looking through the letters, thinking I might find one which I had written to Debi - but all the letters were love letters which Debi had written to another fellow.

In one letter, many of the words contained transposed letters, so the words would sound strange. Apparently the other fellow had wanted Debi to write to him like that.

I continued looking, amazed that after all these years I had just happened to have stumbled upon Debi's notebook. I was finally convinced that I had solved the mystery of who had written the anonymous letters to me: Debi herself.

As I continued leafing through the pages, I found a couple sandwiches. I ate both -- they were tasty. I found a third sandwich, which I opened up and examined. It contained sliced white turkey meat on two pieces of bread. I was just about to eat it, when I began thinking that this sandwich must have been in this notebook for a very long time, and that it might not be good. Although the first two sandwiches had tasted good, when I thought about how the turkey sandwich had probably been in the notebook for years, I concluded I probably shouldn't eat it. I thought I might give the sandwich to my dog, but I doubted if I should even do that. I laid the sandwich down.

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