Dream of: 23 November 2007 "Injured"

Michelle (only about 16 years old) and I were walking down a busy city street with five or six lanes which we intended to cross. A rule here, however, dictated that a person as young as Michelle could only cross at the corner, unless the person could look back down the street for a certain distance.

I grabbed her hand, looked down the street and was able to see the requisite distance. Since nothing was coming. I told Michelle to come with me across the street; but she refused to cross with me.

So we continued walking to the corner. By the time we reached the corner, the traffic on the street was heavy. Even though the light was green and the traffic was passing through the intersection, Michelle took off running by herself across the street. Thinking her name was "Kathleen," I screamed at her, "Kathleen!"

Paying me no mind, she ran heedlessly through the fast-moving heavy traffic. Suddenly a policeman began running after her, trying to stop her. She ran all the way to the last lane of traffic and ran between two cars. Suddenly something happened and I saw her lying on the ground. I couldn't tell whether she had been hit by a car or whether she had simply fallen down.

She was lying on her back. The policeman ran up to her, grabbed hold of her shirt and pants, picked her straight up into the air and began carrying her back toward me. I was aghast. There was so much traffic, I couldn't even step into the street. I didn't know whether Michelle had been badly injured or whether she had just slipped and fallen. I waited as the policeman carried her toward me.

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