Dream of: 19 November 2007 "Mexican Mushrooms"

While I was in Mexico with a fellow who reminded me of Salvador Ibarra, I asked him if he knew where to find some peyote or some psilocybin mushrooms, and he took me took see a second fellow in a dark room. When I asked the second fellow if he had any mushrooms, the fellow said he did. After he walked to the back of the room and pulled out a large bag of mushrooms, I asked him how much the mushrooms cost, and he said $5 apiece. I asked him how many I would have to buy to only pay $3 apiece, but he said he wasn't interested in doing that. I asked him how many mushrooms I could get for $100 and he agreed to sell me 25 for $100. I figured that was $4 apiece and I decided to buy $100 worth.

He poured the mushrooms out on the ground and I began picking out the ones I wanted, putting them in a bag of my own. Some were small, about the size of a nickel, others were larger, about the size of a silver dollar. As I tried to pick out the big ones, I asked him if he knew whether the amount of psilocybin in the small ones was the same as in the big ones. He said the amount was the same. I wasn't sure whether to believe him -- it seemed as if the big ones should contain more psilocybin. I thought, however, the size might not make any difference.

As I put the mushrooms into the bag, I also began eating some. I didn't know how many to take, but I was definitely looking forward to tripping on the mushrooms. I thought I would simply eat as many as I could.

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