Dream of: 18 November 2007 (3) "Plane Crash"

I was on a jet plane with a lot of other people, when I heard a clanging noise, which seemed to be coming from the cockpit. I thought maybe someone was working on the plane, but it didn't sound good, and suddenly the plane headed into a dive. I looked out the window and saw we were going down, not at a steep angle, but down nevertheless, and fast.

I was sitting in the back of the plane and the window was right in the back so I could look straight out the rear of the plane. I realized the plane was moving backwards and we were headed down toward a large field filled with red flowers like Texas paintbrushes. Obviously we were going to crash. I braced myself. I thought perhaps I should call my father and tell him we were going to crash and I wondered where my cell phone was. I didn't call him, however, because he and I hadn't been getting along well lately.

We hit the earth and continued sliding along the ground. I thought the plane would probably flip over, but finally it simply ground to a halt. Looking out the window, I could see people standing by their parked cars around the edge of the field. People began running toward the plane and cars started moving. Someone threw a door open in the back of the plane and people began climbing off. Other people, including myself, simply stayed where we were. I thought about climbing off, but I was so shaken, I could hardly believe what had happened: I had actually lived through a plane crash.

I looked out the back of the plane. Although we had landed in a field, water covered the ground. Some people were standing in the water, which came up to their waists. I thought about diving into the water, but I didn't want to get into cold water.

I turned my attention back to the inside of the cabin, which seemed like one large room. All around the perimeter of the cabin was a ledge on which people had piled up food. I had thought of also putting food on the ledge, but I hadn't. I only had a few pieces of candy in my pocket and I didn't want to put them on the ledge. I was hungry, however, and the food on the ledge looked delicious, especially the piles of rich-looking pastries. Since no one else was eating the food, however, I didn't either.

I walked toward the front of the plane and started talking to some men up front. I tried to find out what was going on and someone told me we would be taken off the plane, put on a bus, and given seventeen or eighteen dollars. I couldn't understand that. I was already starting to think I might be able to collect quite a bit of money after having been n a plane crash, perhaps as much as $5,000. 

I knew the plane had been headed toward Columbus, Ohio. I asked someone if we were in Indiana and the person said we were. I didn't know, however, where in Indiana we were, whether we were close to Indianapolis or further south. I knew, however, we weren't that far from Columbus and it wouldn't take long to get there. I asked someone, "How far are we from Columbus?"

No one seemed to know for sure. A fellow (about 30 years old) in a white sweater, standing next to me, put his hand on my right arm and tried to comfort me somewhat. I felt a bit of camaraderie with these people, -- after all, we had survived a plane crash together. We didn't say much about our experience, however, and we were all going to simply climb off the plane and go our own ways.

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