Dream of: 18 November 2007 (2) "Dangerous Mountains"

I was in Mexico with a bunch of people in a van which a Mexican was driving. I didn't know where we were, but when we passed through some mountains, I wished I had a map. We finally ended up on a narrow dirt road on top of a mountain. The van stopped and people began climbing out. Some of the people were speaking English and someone told me to go to a nearby house which sat among some other houses. I did so. Someone also said something about the view and I looked out onto a splendid view of the surrounding mountains.

I walked into the house, which was large and impressive, then walked back outside. I was glad I was here and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I began thinking I would also like to visit Oaxaca.

When a fellow walked up and began talking with me, I asked him if there were any psilocybin mushrooms around here. He said there weren't any. A second person, however, showed up with a bag of the mushrooms. He gave me some and I began eating them.

I then asked the first fellow if he knew where I could get some peyote, and he said he would take me to find some. He and I began walking around. He intended to show me this little village. I gradually began to feel the effects of the mushrooms and I told the fellow they were good. I thought I would like to go to Oaxaca and find some mushrooms.

We walked all the way through the village, then sat down on the ground and began talking. I realized I had all my money in cash in my billfold. When I thought the fellow wasn't looking, I pulled out my billfold and took out most of the money. I also pulled out some credit cards, which fell onto my stomach. I stuck the money down in the back of my pants. I didn't' think the fellow had seen what I had done, but he had and he said something about it. He said it was dangerous up here and now that he knew I had the money, he wasn't going to be able to stay with me. So he left me. I stood up and started walking back toward the house.

A blond-haired fellow walked up to me and began talking English. In his hand he was holding a shotgun which he handed to me. He indicated we might have trouble up here. I asked him if there were any gun laws here and he said there were. Apparently, however, the gun laws were not enforced here.

We started walking. I saw we would have to travel a long path to reach the house again. It looked dangerous and I wasn't sure what would happen next.

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