Dream of: 17 November 2007 "Sportspieler"

My mother (probably in her 50s) and my sister (probably in her late 20s) were sitting with me in a cottage which I had bought in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for my mother to live in. I had paid $25,000 for the house and I told my sister I could sell the house for at least $50,000. But I intended to keep the house for my mother and not sell it.

When I finally stood up to walk out of the room, I realized I was completely naked. I had a habit of going naked around my mother and sister. It was an erotic feeling. I picked up a cover, wrapped it around me, and walked into the kitchen. My mother and sister soon followed me into the kitchen and we talked more. I asked my mother if she liked the layout of the kitchen (which wasn't yet finished). I liked it. I thought the house had a comfortable feel and would make a good place to live when I finished fixing it up.

I heard someone at the front door and I walked back into the living room. I opened the door and found four men and women (all probably in their 20s) standing there. I knew I had ordered cable television, and at first I thought the group had come to install the cable. When they all marched into the house, however, wearing backpacks and carrying luggage, I realized that these people had come here from Europe and that they planned to spend a few days here with me. They were supposed to take part in a sporting event.

They sat down in the living room and I began talking with them. A couple of them sat down on the couch with me and two others sat in chairs to my left. A woman was sitting on the couch next to me. I thought they were all from Austria and I knew they all spoke German. As they talked among themselves, however, I had difficulty understanding them, and I began to think they spoke a dialect of German. Finally I looked at the woman next to me and I asked her if she was a "Sportspieler," which I thought was the German word for "athlete." She indicated she was and she began talking. I wanted to know what kind of sports they would be playing. She tried to explain, but I couldn't understand. Finally I thought I heard her say "football" and I exclaimed "Fussball!" She seemed to acknowledge that I was correct.

She continued talking, but gradually I began talking with another woman sitting in a chair to my left. As I talked with her, the others gradually stood up and left the room, until only the woman in the chair and I were left talking with each other. I turned my head away from her just for an instant, and when I looked back, she also had stood up, and walked up some stairs in the room. I felt disappointed that she had stood and walked out on me without saying anything.

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