Dream of: 05 November 2007 (2) "Theft"

I was with Walls at his house on Jackson Street in Portsmouth. When Walls picked up my keys and walked outside, I realized he had gone out to get something of mine out of my car and I looked out the window. Through a big tree I could see Walls returning from my white 1999 Ford Escort. When I ran outside to meet him, he jolted away from me, and I saw he had a handful of marijuana which he had retrieved from my car. I knew that the marijuana belonged to me and that he was stealing it.

I chased him to the side of the house, where I caught up with him, down on the ground, trying to stick the marijuana through a basement window. He finally gave up and dropped the marijuana on the ground. As I tried to gather up the marijuana, I heard someone say a cop was on the street right behind us. I quickly tried to push all the marijuana inside through the basement window. Then I ran around to the front door, hoping I could get down in the basement to the marijuana before the police stopped me.

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