Dream of: 02 November 2007 "Quitting Drugs"

After Michelle called me because she needed some food, I picked her up in my car and we went to McDonald's. After I bought some food for her, we returned to the 17th Street House and she walked in, carrying her little McDonald's bag of food. She headed straight into the living room, where she was supposed to do some work for me. When she started to climb up a ladder to begin working, I hollered to her and told her to eat her food first before she started working. I wasn't anxious for her to start working; I wanted her to sit down on the couch first and take it easy for a little bit.

I felt sorry for her, but at the same time I wanted to scold her because I had just given her $80 and she had gone straight out and spent every penny on drugs, the way she always did. Now she didn't even have any money left for food. I didn't say anything, however, because I knew she was getting ready to start a program to cut back her use of drugs, and this was the last day she would be spending that much money. Every day in the future she would be spending less and less, until she finally quit drugs completely. So I didn't want to say anything right then; I just wanted her to sit down, take it easy and eat her food.

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