Dream of: 28 October 2007 (2) "Fleeting Thought"

Michelle and I were sitting at a table in a school cafeteria where other people were also sitting at tables. Michelle and I didn't really belong, but had somehow ended up there. I wanted to leave. As Michelle and I talked with a third person, I wondered what would happen if I were to stand up and stick my penis in Michelle's mouth right there in front of all those people. The thought was fleeting and I quickly returned to concentrating on getting out of the place. I still didn't even know why we were there.

Suddenly people began standing up and looking outside through some windows. I also stood up and looked out. I knew several bombs had gone off nearby earlier in the day, so I wasn't surprised to see 15-20 cameramen and reporters outside. They all appeared Asiatic.

I decided it was time for Michelle and me to leave. After she and I walked outside and past the reporters, I stepped up to a couple girls (probably in their late teens) and asked if there had been any more attacks. When they failed to answer me, Michelle and I walked on.

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