Dream of: 28 October 2007 "Stranded"

When the bus on which Michelle and I were riding came to a stop, we climbed off. Standing outside the bus, I realized we had descended at a stop sign on a highway in the middle of nowhere. The bus was still sitting at the stop sign, but the doors were closed and Michelle and I couldn't get back on. No cars were passing and there was no place to hitchhike. We were stranded and I didn't know what to do.

A man pulled up in a sporty blue car and stepped out. Probably in his mid 30s, he was bald and wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I could see part of a tattoo under his sleeve. He walked up to us and asked if we wanted a ride. Suspicious of his intentions, I hesitated because I didn't know him. I thought Michelle and I together could probably handle the guy if we had a problem. After we walked over to the car, Michelle climbed into the front passenger seat and I got into the back.

I felt in my pocket to see what I could use for a weapon if the man tried to bother us. I wished I had a gun or a knife, but I only had a pencil. I thought at least I could stab the man with the pencil if I had to.

He drove off. I didn't know where he was going to take us, but I thought he might take us to his house. If we had a problem, I thought Michelle and I could simply jump out of the car, scream and run down the street.

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