Dream of: 27 October 2007 (2) "The Double"

I was having a good time riding a small tricycle, pulling several people (including Michelle) along behind me. We were riding around on a big deck attached to the back of a house. When we reached the corner of the deck (which was high off the ground), I wanted to stop so I wouldn't fall off the edge, but the people behind me kept pushing. Finally, I jumped off the tricycle, which toppled over the edge of the deck down through a jumble of briers, brush and branches. I told the others that I had lost my tricycle and that we would have to climb down and retrieve it.

When we all walked back into the modern house, Michelle sat down on a couch and another girl sat down beside her. Michelle didn't look exactly like herself. She was very pretty, but not as beautiful as usual. As I stood admiring her, I reflected that if we ever went somewhere (like a bar) together, men would be constantly hitting on her. She had a potential if she ever wanted to try something like prostitution (although I wasn't exactly thinking of prostitution). I wasn't interested in helping her do anything like that, but she obviously had extreme potential in that area.

The girl sitting next to Michelle almost seemed like Michelle's sister, except she was plainer and plumper than Michelle. Yet in some ways, she almost seemed like Michelle's double. I knew both Michelle and the other girl quite well. I hadn't been paying much attention to the plainer girl, and she seemed a little upset because I had focused so much attention on Michelle. At the same time, Michelle wasn't paying as much attention to me as she had in the past. Michelle was treating me the way I was treating the plainer girl.

When I was ready to go outside, I walked into the next room and called for the plainer girl. She walked into the room, obviously disconsolate because I hadn't been paying much attention to her. Actually I was quite attracted to her and I realized I had sincere feelings for her. We moved closer to each other until our faces were almost touching. I kissed her, which I enjoyed very much.

I broke away from her and walked outside, intent on retrieving my tricycle. But instead of climbing down the side of the deck, I decided I would go around to the neighbor's house, would approach the bottom of the deck from the neighbor's yard and would come in on the ground under the deck.

I walked outside, boarded the car, and called back inside for the plainer girl to come out with me, but she didn't. Thinking she would probably come later, I drove off.

After driving a short distance down the street, I stopped at a corner where a bunch of young black kids (7-8 years old) were playing some kind of war game. I stopped for just a minute, and when I continued down the street, I heard someone singing in the back seat. I turned around and saw someone sitting back there. At first I thought the person was one of the black kids, but then I saw he it was a person about 30 years old. I wasn't even sure if the person was a man or woman.

I continued on until I reached the area where I wanted to get out of the car. I stopped, and just as I was about to step out, I noticed a black purse lying on the front seat. I started talking to the person in the back seat (who was apparently a man) and I asked him if he could help me, but he seemed unsure he wanted to help. I stepped out of the car and picked up a pair of tin snips off the floor board. When the fellow also stepped out of the car, I told him I wanted to go down into the brushy area to look for a purse which I had dropped. He now seemed willing to help and I asked him his name, which he said was "Michael." I handed the snips to him.

In front of us was a fence which we would have to pass. When he began trying to unlock a gate in the fence, I suddenly saw we were in the wrong place. When I told him so, he stopped trying to open the lock. I thought we needed to get back into the car and drive on around a little further to reach the right spot.

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