Dream of: 23 October 2007 "Fishbone"

Michelle and I stumbled into a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. Although Michelle appeared her normal age (20 years old), she didn't look like herself. I couldn't see her face clearly, but she had black hair instead of blonde. Since this was the second time we had visited a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous together, I was sure the black-haired woman with me was Michelle.

The meeting was simply in someone's apartment. When we walked in, we were unsure what to do, so we both sat down in the living room. I sat on the floor in front of a healthy-looking fellow (about 40 years old) who was sitting in a chair facing me. He began talking with me about whether I was actually a drug addict. I had recently been pondering this question, but I simply wasn't sure. As he and I looked at each other right in the eyes, I felt uncomfortable because he was on a higher level than I.

Michelle sat down on a couch against the wall behind me. She was pouting about something and she didn't seem to want to be there. Nevertheless, she began talking about sex and how I hadn't been having sex with her. Her comments were embarrassing because I didn't want to talk about our sexual relationship there. Her prattle became even more embarrassing when she started talking about different sexual positions. She distinctly mentioned one position called the "fishbone." I had never heard of this position and I tried to imagine what kind of position it was. I tried to imagine the bones of a cleaned fish, but I couldn't visualize the bones as representing any kind of sexual position.

Feeling uncomfortable on the floor, I finally stood up. Seven or eight other men were in the room (Michelle was the only female) and one fellow was lying on a couch. I told the fellow with whom I had been talking that I would like to sit in a chair and I walked back to the kitchen to fetch one. Just as I was about to pick up the chair, however, I realized some other chairs had been sitting around a dining table in the living room, so I walked back into the living room and picked up one of those chairs.

I placed the chair right in front of the man with whom I had been talking and I sat back down. As soon as I sat down, however, the seat of the chair somehow started moving (with me on it) in a circular motion all around the center of the room. I couldn't stop the movement, even though I fretted I might be disturbing the other people there. 

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