Dream of: 21 October 2007 "Helping The Sick"

I was with a young woman who seemed as if she were my mother. We were standing outside a nice bus (similar to a school bus) which I owned. Suddenly the bus started rolling down a hill and I was unable to stop it. The woman and I ran after the bus, but it got away from us and I couldn't see where it went. The woman, however, saw where the bus had gone and she said it had run over a cliff, fallen into the ocean, and sunk. The bus appeared to be a total loss.

Afterwards, another fellow and I were in a junkyard where old busses were being sold. I seemed to be simply accompanying him and watching. We walked into one old bus which would start, but was otherwise a complete wreck. Cleary the bus had been kept running over the years, but hadn't been maintained. A man in charge of the junkyard was also in the bus. The fellow with me told the junkyard-man that he would buy the bus.

I stepped out of the bus and started walking across the junkyard. Suddenly I started convulsively crying. It seemed as if I had possessed so much at one time, and somehow I had lost everything. Now I seemed to be starting over with this old bus.

My cell phone rang and I answered it. I could hear a woman talking. She said she was in a place where help was needed for drug addicts and sick people. I had the impression she was in another country where French was spoken. Then she hang up.

Suddenly I had a vision of who the woman was. I could see her inside of what appeared to be a high-ceilinged church. Sick people were lying all around. The woman herself was thin and had black hair. I had known her once before, but I had forgotten about her. Apparently she worked in this church. She had called me to let me know I could still come to the church and help. She seemed happy with the work she was doing.

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