Dream of: 20 October 2007 "Wearing A Disguise"

While I was in the Summerdale Drive House, Carolina called and told me my mother had showed up at Carolina's place of work to look for me. I was incredulous that my mother apparently had come all the way to Texas to try to find me.

I heard someone come to the front door and as I watched 20-30 men and women march into the House, I had the feeling my mother was among them. Although none of them looked like my mother, I nevertheless called out several times, "Mom."

My sister (thin and pretty, probably in her late 20s) was in the group. I approached her and put my hands on her shoulders, but she didn't seem to want me to come closer, so I didn't hug her. I backed away from her, wondering what she was doing here.

I thought I also saw my grandmother Leacy in the group, but I still couldn't locate my mother. Everyone was well-dressed. They all walked into a room and stood around the perimeter facing the center. I looked more closely at a couple women and asked, "Mom?," but neither of them were my mother. I began to suspect my mother might be wearing a disguise. I continued walking around the room, looking at the women one at a time, calling out, "Mom. Mom."

I remained confused about who these people were and what they were doing here. All the while I had been talking to Carolina. The phone, however, now seemed more like a magazine, and somehow I was talking with Carolina through the magazine. As I had continued to concentrate on finding my mother, Carolina had stopped talking, and I finally laid the magazine down on a table.

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