Dream of: 14 October 2007 "Disintegrating Glacier"

I was in a field where several hundred people were gathered for some kind of event. When I walked over to the side of the crowd, a black-haired woman (probably in her early 30s) approached me and began talking to me. Somehow she knew me and she was obviously interested in me. I somewhat enjoyed her company, but she didn't particularly interest me. I definitely wasn't wild about her.

When I finally asked her what she did, she didn't respond. Instead she asked me about my being a lawyer, as if to deflect my question. I concluded that she must have a menial job and that she was ashamed to say what she did.

I told her that I was indeed a lawyer and that I had practiced bankruptcy law for 20 years, although I was no longer practicing law. I sarcastically said, "That was a lot of fun."

As I tried to think of something else to talk about, I looked up into the sky and saw a huge odd-shaped cloud on the horizon in front of us. Sections of the cloud were ominously black and parts of the center of the cloud seemed to be falling apart. As I stared harder, I realized the cloud might actually be a glacier (instead of a cloud) sticking out of the ground on the horizon and I told the woman the object might be a glacier.

Suddenly a big chunk broke off and flew towards us. When the chunk hit the ground, I realized we were in danger. Obviously the object was indeed a glacier and it was moving toward us. Several more chunks flew off at tremendous speed and flew toward the crowd of people. The chunks fell short of the people, but one chunk did hit a car.

When people began screaming and running, I told the woman we also needed to run into the field as far away from the glacier as possible. As big chunks continued falling off the glacier, we ran across the field as fast as we could. Many other people also ran. When we seemed far enough away, we finally stopped. Although we now appeared safe, I worried that some of the people in the crowd might have been killed by the falling chunks of ice. We stared at the glacier, which was definitely shrinking in size as the chunks continued falling off. I had never see anything like it.

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