Dream of: 13 October 2007 (2) "Mehaze"

Michelle was standing at the bottom of the stairs in the front hallway of the 17th Street House. Several other people were sitting in the living room adjoining the hallway, and Michelle had been demonstrating to them how to take different drugs. I was appalled and deeply saddened to see what she was doing.

At the moment, she was preparing to demonstrate how to take a certain drug called "mehaze." She was holding a long coiled and twisted straw (probably longer than 30 centimeters). She intended to put the drug into a glass of liquid and then drink the drug through the twisted straw.

I stared at her. She was so innately beautiful. Seeing her do this hurt me so much. I hadn't known she knew how to take all these different kinds of drugs. I said sternly, "Michelle."

She looked at me as if I were old-fashioned and stodgy, and as if she knew all about this sort of thing. She gave me a defiant look as if to avow that there was no way I was going to change her, as if this was her way of life, and as if I could only observe.

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