Dream of: 10 October 2007 (2) "Frolicking Colt"

I was with my uncle Liston (probably in his early 50s) in a building where wood products were being manufactured. Several workers were scurrying about doing their jobs in front of a man who apparently owned the establishment.

One worker showed me a black leather case which contained a little device which allowed a person to determine his exact location. The device had a little screen which showed where the person was. When I showed no interest in the device, the worker showed it to my uncle, who appeared interested. When I saw my uncle's interest, I also became interested.

I walked over to the worker and asked him if the device showed a map on the screen. He pressed a button and a detailed image of an overhead view of a beach appeared on the screen. The names of different cities were written along the beach. The image was so clear, I could see the sand. A little blue dot showed the location of the person who would be holding the device.

The worker said the boss had bought the device, but had then decided he didn't want it. Now he was asking $100 for it. I told my uncle I was going to take it if he didn't want it and he told me to go ahead and take it.

The worker had walked away with the device, so I went looking for him. I also wanted to talk with the owner and as I searched for them, I overheard someone saying they had several of the devices. I concluded they were actually in the business of selling the devices here and I couldn't figure out why the worker had made up the story about his boss having bought the one device and then having decided he didn't want it. I finally saw the owner at the rear of the room and I headed toward him.

As I proceeded, I looked around me and noticed some garage doors. Since I knew I needed a garage door, I thought I needed to talk with someone here about buying one. I knew the door needed to be seven feet high, but I couldn't remember the width. I thought I had a two-car garage, so the door might need to be around fifteen feet wide, but I wasn't sure.

Before I could reach the owner, a worker driving a forklift, with a bunch of stuff piled on the front, came straight toward me. I didn't have time to move and the fork lift ran into me. I grabbed hold and screamed, "Help! Help!"

The driver of the forklift didn't pay any attention to me. A couple times I raised myself up and looked overtop the stuff on front at the guy driving the fork lift. He was a thin black-haired fellow wearing a yellow tee shirt and I was sure he saw me. As I continued screaming, he drove the forklift into a back room and pushed me right into a corner. He stopped the forklift, lowered the stuff onto the floor, then backed out.

Although I was trapped behind the stuff, I managed to crawl out. When I looked up, a big white horse was standing over top of me. I appeared to be in some kind of stable. I pulled myself to my feet and started walking down a long hallway where a brown coat was frolicking, running back and forth along the hallway. I again began screaming for help, until some fellows walked up to me and asked me what I was doing here. I explained to them what had happened and I described the fellow who had been driving the forklift. They became very concerned.

We all walked back to the main area of the establishment where I had been before. I pointed to a fellow and said he was the fellow who had been driving the forklift, but when I looked closer I realized this fellow was much fatter and obviously not the same fellow.

Another fellow walked out from the rear of the room. He looked as if he had just taken a shower and he was wearing a white tee shirt. I realized that this was the fellow who had been driving the forklift and that he must have changed his tee shirt. I pointed to him and told the other fellows he was the one. The fellow looked at me and suddenly took off running. He ran out the front of the building and several people began running after him. I saw them catch him in front of the building and I stood waiting for them to bring him back.

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