Dream of: 10 October 2007 "Meeting My Father"

My pet Dalmatian Picasso and I were in the woods in a range of hills on the Ohio side of the Ohio River. I knew if I walked east along the hilltops, I would pass my father's home, which sat atop one hill, almost a mountain. Although I didn't want to come in contact with my father and I didn't want him to see me up there, I started walking along the high hilltops until I spotted my father's house up ahead of me.

As I made my way along the cliffs, I came across a gigantic mysterious room built right into the side of one hill. One whole side of the room was open, so the room was somewhat like a cave carved out of the rock. The room contained a huge pool of water, muddy (as if from a flood) and overflowing the side of the pool toward the open wall.

Picasso followed me as I entered the room and stepped down some steps into the water. I quickly sunk into the water up to my waist and when I turned around to climb back out, I saw Picasso swimming behind me. He seemed to be having trouble and as I climbed back up the steps, I had to help him out of the water.

Out of the water, still in the room, I stood beside the pool and looked back outside through the open wall to the vista before me. I could clearly see my father's house on the mountain. When a woman (about 20 years old) walked by in front of me, I wondered if I should stop her and speak to her. As I looked at her, I thought about Michelle. It occurred to me that I never really went anywhere with Michelle and I wondered whether Michelle would like to come up there with me and see where my father lived and what it was like up there in the hills.

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