Dream of: 07 October 2007 "Electric Wires"

After waiting a long time in the 17th Street House for Michelle, who was very late, I finally walked out into the back yard. There was no fence between my yard and the vacant lot on the west side of the House, so I could see all the way around the west side, where I was surprised to see orange wires (almost like extension cords) hanging from the roof of the House all the way to the ground. I groaned as I concluded someone had been stealing the electric wiring out of the House.

When I examined the wire more closely, however, it looked as if the wire was being installed in the House, rather than being stolen. I had the distinct feeling that Michelle had been out there working and that she had been installing the wire for me. I concluded she must have been working all the way on the top of the House, on the roof, installing the wire.

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