Dream of: 06 October 2007 "The Return"

I had gone to the Gallia County Farm with my mother. She and I had been sitting in the Farmhouse for quite a while before I realized I hadn't even gone outside yet to see how badly the Farm looked since my father had cut down the trees. I walked outside and looked out over the hills which didn't look as bad as I had anticipated. The big oak trees at the bottom of the hill behind the old milk house were still standing, and the trees were still erect on the hill on the east side of the Farmhouse. The big hill behind the Farmhouse had been cleared of trees, and the hills back where my one-room Cabin stood looked as if they had been cut. I tried to see my Cabin, but I couldn't see that far without binoculars. I wondered if my father had torn down the Cabin. I thought I might walk up to the Cabin and see if it were still there.

My father wasn't there at the moment, but apparently he wanted my mother to start living in the Farmhouse and he wanted me to stay with her. He was having trouble finding anyone else to stay there. I was surprised that I was even considering staying on the Farm again because I had thought I would never again return. I had thought I would just drop by this one time for a visit, and then head down to Mexico. If I did decide to stay on the Farm, I would have to make it perfectly clear to my father that if it didn't work out, I would be leaving immediately for Mexico.

I continued walking around the Farmhouse. The field on the west side of the Farmhouse (between the old tobacco barn and the Farmhouse) was filled with old cars. I climbed into one car and drove around through the other cars in the field and slowly realized the cars must belong to one of my step-mother's sons, either Alex or Henry (I didn't know which). I knew they collected old cars and most of these cars were probably from the 1950s. Many of the cars were in excellent condition and were obviously valuable. I wondered where Henry or Alex had acquired so much money to buy all these cars. I thought maybe their real father had helped them buy the cars. I reflected how my father had never helped me do anything like that. He wasn't inclined to help me with anything.

I drove back to the Farmhouse. I could see one big tree still standing in the field at the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse. The limbs had been cut off and it looked as if people were still cutting on it. If I decided to stay there on the Farm, I would have to make clear to my father that I didn't want any tree-cutting going on while I was there. I knew Henry and Alex had been taking all the trees, and if they continued doing so while I was there, I was sure there would be friction between us.

I got out of the car and walked around to the front of the Farmhouse. The old wall which held up the front yard was still there. I walked down to the bottom of the wall and lay down on the ground. My brother Chris (about 10 years old and a little pudgy) stepped up to the top of the wall. A stack of briars which someone had cut down was lying at the top. He playfully picked up one of the briar branches and threw it down on top of me. I picked up one and tried to throw it back at him. We both continued throwing several branches of briars at each other. It was good to see him.

Suddenly he slipped and fell off the wall into a patch of briars. I immediately worried he might have broken his arm or some other bone, but he started to pull himself to his feet as if he were uninjured.

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