Dream of: 01 October 2007 "Absolutely Beautiful"

I walked into a bar, something I hadn't done in a long time. I thought I would like to circulate and experience something a little different from the usual. I had been seeing a lot of Michelle lately and I felt as if I needed a little change from her.

A fellow stood up right in front of me. An old friend who knew me well, he reached out his hand and pinched me on my right side near my ribs, so hard it hurt. I tried to pinch him back in the ribs to show him how it felt and I blurted, "Stop it!" Finally he stopped. He was friendly and he hadn't meant any harm.

I walked away from him and sat down on a bench. When the fellow walked back over next to me, I realized he was my good friend from my late high school and early college years, Walls (although he didn't look like Walls). He was standing on my right and I invited him to sit down with me. I told him I wanted to tell him something, and he slid down on the bench next to me.

I wanted to describe Michelle to Walls, even though I knew that I couldn't tell him her name and that I couldn't give him any details about her. I effusively blurted, "I've been fucking this twenty-year old. Oh my God. She is absolutely beautiful."

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