Dream of: 30 September 2007 "Missing Toes"

I was in a room which seemed like a school library. Only one other person was in the room, a man sitting at a desk at the other end. I was concentrating on a computer in front of me when a young fellow (probably 16-17 years old) walked in and stood next to me. He seemed affable enough at first, but gradually he began to get on my nerves and when he finally turned on a loud portable radio, I became very irritated. I asked him to leave but he refused. Finally I stood up and began struggling with him to turn  off the radio. He tried to push me away with his bare foot, which was missing the three smallest toes. The sight of the foot was rather disgusting.

I finally managed to push him outside, where he collapsed as if unconscious on the sidewalk. I stood looking at him, uncertain whether I had injured him or whether I should do something for him. I heard a voice in the background saying that he wasn't a bad boy, but that he was just shy.

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