Dream of: 25 September 2007 "Bad Reputation"

While I was in the 17th Street House, someone came to the door, and when I opened the door, I found two men standing on the porch. I walked out and began talking to a thin black-haired fellow (probably in his mid 30s) with a long angular face. He said that they had come to pick up the car, and that they had bought it for junk for $200. He displayed papers regarding the purchase of the car.

He was referring to a big old brown car sitting in the vacant lot next to my House. I knew the car belonged to Michelle, but I hadn't seen her for a while, and I didn't know anything else about the car.

The men had parked a wrecker in front of the House. As the other man (carrying small metal ramps used to drive a car up on) headed out to the car beside the House, I continued talking with the thin black-haired fellow. The situation seemed a bit strange and I wanted to find out more about how they had come to be there. The fellow said something about his boss, then mentioned something about Michelle's "pulling tricks" with his boss.

I was stunned. From the fellow's innuendo, I inferred that Michelle might have been selling her body for money. I was disturbed to think she might have been abasing herself and I definitely wanted to know more. Apparently Michelle, in a desperate situation, had been trying to raise money any way she could. As I tried to envision Michelle offering herself to the boss, I wanted the fellow to get to the point and tell me whether Michelle had actually offered herself for money. He raised his eyebrows up and down, as if to insinuate Michelle was in the habit of doing so. I desperately wanted to know if Michelle was frequently involved in that kind of business and if she had a reputation which this fellow knew about.

As the fellow told the story of how Michelle had gone to see his boss, he rambled on and on. His words were jumbled together so badly, I couldn't understand him and I had great difficulty following his narrative. After we had sat down on the front steps (with him on my left), I told him I was having trouble comprehending what he was saying. He said he was "nervous" and he rambled on.

Although he said that he and the other fellow had come to my House the day before and that they had started up the car without problem, I could hear the other fellow at the side of the House now having trouble starting the car.

The fellow said that after Michelle had left his boss, she had needed to cross a body of water, and that she had taken off her clothes and jumped into the water. Finally, he clearly said, "She swam to Balfi."

Having no idea where "Balfi" was, I asked, "Balfi?"

He responded, "Yea."

The whole idea of Michelle's swimming across the water seemed macabre and the story seemed unfathomable. I thought I needed to know more about Michelle and what her life was really like.

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