Dream of: 23 September 2007 (2) "Looters"

I was in a city where all the stores were being looted. I was in a hardware store full of tools. I had been there the day before, but I hadn't taken much. Today, however, I had a truck in the basement and I intended to go through the store and pick out what I wanted. I started with a rack full of screwdrivers which I packed up. I then picked up some bigger items and began making a pile for myself.

I thought about my brother-in-law. I knew he had been in this store before and I thought he would probably like to have some of these tools. I didn't' know whether he had already taken some.

A fellow walked in with a big push cart stacked full of large white boxes containing appliances. I thought a warehouse with more stuff was across the street.

Other people were scrambling around the store, taking things and the hardware was quickly disappearing. Some items from my stack had even disappeared. Clearly I needed to get my truck and fill it up as quickly as possible.

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