Dream of: 23 September 2007 "Brave New World"

My sister (probably in her late 20s) and I were standing outside her car (a convertible) near the Portsmouth, Ohio public library. As we were both boarding the car, she mentioned the phrase "three-thirty" and I recalled having heard that phrase before somewhere. It seemed to have something to do with the novel Brave New World and I asked her if she had been reading Brave New World. She said that she had, and that the quote had come from Brave New World.

We boarded the car with her in the driver's seat and we continued talking about Brave New World. I knew Alduous Huxley had written the book, and I asked her if she knew he had used "psychotropic and hallucinogenic" drugs. She indicated she didn't know anything about it. I told her that Huxley had gone to Central America, that he had tried the drugs down there and that he had even written a book about it. I even found a copy of Brave New World in the car and I began flipping through it, thinking some description of Huxley's use of drugs might be found in the book.

We were headed west on Gallia Street, toward downtown. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a black-haired woman appeared in the car, sitting right in the middle of the front seat between my sister and me. Apparently she was a Russian whom we had contacted and she was going to go out partying with us. I told her she was sitting on my gun, a handgun which was right in the middle of the front seat. She reached under herself and she seemed to feel the gun.

We picked up another fellow who boarded the car. I then pulled out a big plastic container which contained some marijuana which I had just bought. The bottom of the container was filled with fine brown pot, upon which was lying some long green leafy pieces of pot. I thought the green pot was supposed to be the best.

We rolled up a joint of the green leafy pot in some clear cellophane. We were ready to smoke, but we had difficulty lighting the joint. As we were trying to light it, I realized we had all gotten out of the car and had walked into a high-ceilinged building. I looked around and asked my sister if this was a church. I thought it strange we would be in a church, even though I knew my sister frequently attended church. It seemed irreligious that we would be preparing to smoke pot in a church.

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