Dream of: 19 September 2007 "History Of Kentucky"

I was sitting in a chair in a line of other chairs in which people were sitting in a place which seemed somewhat like a library. After a while, I realized that right in front of us, about a meter away, was a wall of boxes of video tapes. A very pretty black-haired girl (about 20 years old) walked up and began talking to the fellow sitting next to me. Her teeth looked perfectly white, while another girl standing next to her had somewhat yellowish teeth. I wondered about my own teeth, if they were too yellow.

I suddenly realized that a picture of the girl with the white teeth was on one of the video boxes and that she was a star of one of the video tapes. That was interesting. She even mentioned something to the fellow about the video tape.

Most of the movies appeared to be westerns. I thought a person could learn a lot about westerns just by sitting here and looking at these boxes of tapes. As I perused the boxes, I saw one which appeared to contain two tapes, but which didn't have a title. I picked up the box, pulled out one of the tapes and saw that it was entitled, "Kentucky."

I saw that about 10 of these boxes (containing about 20 tapes altogether) were lined up in a row and all the tapes were about Kentucky. Apparently the tapes contained a history of Kentucky from the beginning to the present. I thought it would be interesting to watch the entire series from beginning to end.

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