Dream of: 18 September 2007 "Defrauding The Government"

As I was driving a car in Portsmouth, I picked up my friend Kim and McGee (Kim and McGee had been a couple when I first met them in Portsmouth in 1977). They were both probably in their late 20s. I continued driving and we started talking.

I was having problems with the car. If I would stop, it wouldn't move again. Once I stopped on an incline going up, and I had to wait for a car behind me to move before I could back up to get the car moving. Finally, the other car moved and I was able to back up, turn around, and continue on.

We were getting closer to 11th Street and I asked them where they wanted to go. They said they would just go to "Gatti's." I knew Gatti's was a new restaurant on 11th Street, but I didn't know why McGee and Kim would want to go there. They said they just wanted to walk in and check it out. We kept talking about the restaurant until they finally said they owned it. I thought that was ridiculous because they were so poor, they didn't own anything. They insisted, however, that they owned the restaurant. We kept talking about it and I couldn't figure out how in the world they could own the restaurant. McGee was so insistent, however, I was actually beginning to believe him. I thought when we reached the restaurant, I would go inside and ask someone if they owned it.  

When we had almost reached the restaurant, we were no longer in a car, but on bicycles. I was on the front bicycle and they were on two bicycles behind me. I was having the same trouble with the bicycle: when I stopped, it was difficult to start again.

Still thinking about the restaurant, I blurted out that they could only own the restaurant if they were "defrauding the government." I knew they were on some kind of government dole, receiving money from the government because they had no income. How could they possibly be receiving money from the government if they owned a restaurant?

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