Dream of: 17 September 2007 "Disappeared"

Michelle and I were at a house in the country. I was confusing Michelle with my sister, thinking Michelle's name was "Linda." I didn't even see her face; I only saw her back as she walked outside and started to circle around the house.

I had earlier noticed a slender fellow (around 30 years old), whom I barely knew, hanging around the house. When Michelle disappeared around the corner of the house, I suddenly had a horrible feeling the fellow had done something to her. It seemed as if other members of my family had likewise disappeared and all at once, I feared that the fellow was killing everyone, and that I would be the last one he would kill. I started walking around the house, hollering, "Linda! Linda! Answer me or I'm going to leave!"

I thought since she had disappeared around the corner of the house just a few seconds ago, she must be able to hear me. I concluded her failure to answer meant something had happened to her. I didn't want to abandon her, but I realized if I didn't leave immediately, the fellow would kill me next. Since the house was surrounded by forest, I thought I could dash into the woods and slip away. Obviously, something had happened to Michelle.

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