Dream of: 16 September 2007 "New Bank Account"

I was in Portsmouth, in the building where Charter Bank is located. Three different banks had counters inside. I went to the middle counter, where I intended to open a new bank account because something had happened to my old bank account. A thin black-haired woman (about 40 years old) stood behind the counter and started helping me.

At first I thought I would only need a few minutes to open the account, but the process drug on and on because they needed so much information. I actually had to go home twice to retrieve info, once to get my old checks from my previous account. Eventually both the woman and I became frustrated, until finally, after about an hour, I launched into a long diatribe about how unhappy I was with the process. I was almost ready to walk out and forget the whole thing, but I needed the account so I could take care of some business. I thought about going to one of the other two banks which had counters set up here. The woman also appeared to be very upset.

A fellow standing next to me (about 40 years old, he somewhat resembled a bald man I had seen at the Portsmouth library) said he felt embarrassed for me. I thought he must be intimating I had made a fool of myself with my little speech. Nevertheless he was friendly.

Finally the woman came out of the back room, carrying a paper which I thought would show that the account had been approved. I thought I probably still wouldn't be able to use the account immediately like I wanted, but I thought I needed to proceed with the account anyway.

The woman was also carrying a little wire-metal tray with three paper cups with plastic tops, filled with soft drinks. Two cups were large and the one in the middle was medium. One cup said something like "Ruby Red." Apparently someone in the bank had run out and bought the drinks for me as a peace offering. The cups still had the prices on them. The two large ones were $2.44 each. I appreciated the gesture, but I thought sarcastically to myself that this was exactly what I needed, to have to carry around these drinks.

Another man walked out carrying a large casserole of different kinds of meat. The meat looked like a delicacy, but there again, I didn't actually want any meat. I thought, however, at least they were trying to be nice. A whole crowd of people had gathered around me. The man with the meat told me to take a piece, so I reached for a piece of the meat. 

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