Dream of: 15 September 2007 "Buying Cookies"

My father (about 50 years old, with black hair) and I were sitting in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My mother was also in the room. My father and I hadn't been getting along well lately, but we were tolerating each other. He said that he was going to go to the store to buy some cookies and that I could go with him if I wanted. I hesitated as he stood and walked out the door.

As he was boarding his car, I abruptly decided I wanted to go with him. I wanted to put on some shoes first because I was barefoot. Before I could find my shoes, however, he pulled out and drove to the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse. Barefoot, I ran out of the Farmhouse to catch him. I hollered, but he didn't hear me and he drove on.

I walked back into the Farmhouse and a short time later he returned. We again sat down in the living room. I knew he was probably angry because I hadn't gone to the store with him, but I thought it was strange that he had even invited me. I thought he must have wanted to talk with me about something. My mother told him I had tried to go with him. He seemed somewhat moved that I would have been willing to accompany him.

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