Dream of: 10 September 2007 "Clearing Out Junk"

I was in a room in a place somewhat like a library, somewhat like a Goodwill store. Other people were in the room. I had my own desk, and I had been allowed to bring some of my things into the place and stack them on shelves on top of my desk. However, I had brought in far too many possessions, so the desk and the area around the desk were looking cluttered. Just as I was looking over the desk, trying to decide what to do with the excess, a woman (probably in her mid 50s) who worked in the place walked up and asked me (with a strong accent which sounded as if she might have been German) if I could clear out some of my things because the stuff was taking up a lot of space. I was a bit miffed that she would ask me, but I told her I was getting ready to clear out some of the stuff.

After she walked away, I started looking over everything, which included comic books and all kinds of other junk which I had accumulated. I had also accumulated more junk in the adjoining room and I needed to also clean it out.

When I walked through the door, intending to go into the next room, I ended up outside. Carolina showed up and she and I began looking through some boxes of junk (such as fast food toys) which I had stacked up outside. I didn't keep valuable possessions (such as my tools) here because I knew they would be stolen. I didn't want most of this stuff anymore, but I didn't know exactly what to do with it. I was beginning to think I was simply going to get rid of everything here.

Sitting about ten meters away from us was a big foot locker which contained more of my stuff. I walked toward the foot locker, which was sitting on the ground in an area surrounded by trees. I reached the box and opened it. It also was filled mostly with junk and a few more fast food toys. I thought I might gather up all the fast food toys, put them in a bag and either sell them or just get rid of them. I moved the locker as I was looking in it and saw that all the grass under the foot locker had died, it had been sitting there so long. I thought I might see a snake under the foot locker, but I didn't.

When I headed back toward Carolina, I noticed someone had been digging up some roots which apparently had been protruding out of the ground. I thought the roots looked unsightly lying there, so I picked all five of them up. They made a heavy load. I thought I would put them in the trash along with some of my other stuff which I was throwing away.

Right beside me was a little hill. As I finished picking up the roots, I looked up and saw a blonde woman (about 40 years old) sitting at a desk in a wooded area at the top of the little hill. She was surrounded by trees and greenery. I recalled having seen this woman before. I had even talked with her once and I had told her that I lived in this area. I wondered if she would be puzzled by my picking up the roots. I was only trying to clean up the area a little.

I walked back to Carolina and threw the roots in a garbage can. I again began trying to decided what I was going to do with all my junk. 

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