Dream of: 07 September 2007 (2) "The Shinning"

I was in a house where my sister was living. I had been living in a travel trailer which was now located inside one room of the house and I stayed in my trailer without venturing further into the house. The trailer had two or three rooms and was comfortable.

I was surprised to find my sister (probably in her early 30s) and other members of her family inside my trailer. My brother-in-law (also probably in his early 30s) was lying on my four-post bed sitting in the trailer's living room. My sister had three young boys running around the trailer.

 After not talking for a long time, we were all being friendly with one another again and they let me know they wanted to borrow my trailer to go somewhere. I thought that would be alright. I would stay in their house while they went off in my trailer.

I told my brother-in-law he should give me a call if the trailer broke down, but I didn't think he would have a problem because the trailer only had about 27,000 miles on it. He agreed with me that the trailer should be in good shape.

Suddenly I remembered I had three or four girlie magazines somewhere in the trailer. I wanted to get rid of the mags before my sister took the trailer, but I couldn't remember where I had stuck them. I started looking through a set of encyclopedias, thinking I might have stuck the magazines behind them. I found a couple magazines which looked like fashion magazine, not girlie mags. I seemed to remember having torn some pictures of pretty women out of the fashion magazines, so I wanted to get those out of the trailer so nobody would see what I had done. Finally I did find a Penthouse and another girlie mag. A Time magazine was lying on top of them. I picked up all the mags together, keeping the Time on top. As I was trying to walk out with the mags, however, my sister stopped me and asked me what I had. I openly confessed I had some porno which I wanted to get rid of. She looked a bit disgusted. I fumbled and dropped one mag on the ground. It flipped open revealing a small picture of a naked woman. I picked it back up and headed out the door with the magazines. I went into my sister's section of the house and disposed of the magazines.

I then walked out into the back yard. I had heard a pool which I had never seen was in the back and I was impressed to discover a gigantic white pool. I was amazed I had never ventured out into the back yard and seen this magnificent pool. It seemed as if I had permission to use the pool if I wanted, but I never had.

Flowers (roses perhaps) were growing along one side and hanging over the pool. I thought those needed to be trimmed back so the leaves wouldn't fall into the pool.

I kept walking around until I saw a guest house out back. It was also quite large. I walked inside and started looking at all the little statues and other objects sitting around the room. Curtains were hanging over one door which I thought must lead to the bedroom.

Soon two other fellows (about 30 years old) walked in. I seemed to recall my sister had told me she was allowing a fellow who was somewhat mentally retarded to stay in the guest house. The two fellows walked past me and entered an adjoining room and I followed them. I hollered out and asked them if they lived here. They turned around and walked back to me. I sat down and one of them walked up to me and sat down on my lap. I quickly realized he was probably retarded. He didn't speak at all, but the other fellow who remained standing was rather talkative. The one talking said the fellow on my lap lived here. I asked him if they did anything and he said the fellow on my lap took care of keeping the schedules. I wasn't sure what he meant by that.

I stood back up and continued walking around until I strolled back outside to the pool area, where this time I discovered a crowd of people, apparently gathered for a party. Some well-dressed couples were slow-dancing. I seemed to recall my sister having said she planned to have a party; but something here definitely didn't seem quite right. I somehow had the feeling I was simply imagining what I was seeing and everything I saw eerily resembled a specific scene I had once seen in a movie, The Shinning, (although I couldn't remember the exact name of the movie) where the main character had envisioned an imaginary scene of people dancing in a ballroom. I was sure I had seen a scene  similar to this in a movie and the word "deja-vu" specifically came to my mind.

As I continued walking, I started thinking about how much this place must be worth, probably millions. I thought my father had also probably been there and had calculated the worth of the place, but he had never said anything to me about it. Obviously, however, my sister had a gold mine here and she probably didn't even know it because she didn't even use this area back here.

Today, however, they were obviously having a party. Food was set out. One section of the back yard looked like a canal with the water cascading down one small waterfall after the other. I figured little boats might have once been placed in the canal.

A woman (probably in her late 20s) abruptly stepped in front of me, put her hand on my chest and looked me right in the face. She was quite pretty, just ever so slightly pudgy, but well-built. She didn't say anything. I tried to walk past her, but she started walking along beside me, continuing to stare at me. I wondered if I knew her from somewhere and I finally asked, "Do I know you?"

She indicated I did know her. One of us said something like, "I would like for us to get to know each other."

I really liked her. We continued walking together.

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