Dream of: 07 September 2007 "Flight Of The Eagle"

I was near some railroad tracks with a group of young fellows who were practicing flying in a most peculiar fashion. Each person had dead stiff eagle with its wings spread out. A string had been attached to each eagle. A fellow would then take off running holding onto the string and pulling the eagle into the air behind him like a kite. The eagle would then pull the fellow into the air and allow him to fly.

The sight was quite impressive. A couple fellows flew up into the air and made a big loop turning all the way upside down and then returning to the ground.

I had my own eagle (a dark black one) on a string. It had a wingspan of well over a meter. I decided I also wanted to take part in the flying activity. Another person (acting a bit like my page) was going to help me. He walked along in front of me, prepared to assist me. I had just seen him fly in a loop, so I knew he was good. I questioned him about how it was done

Somehow my black belt became tangled up in the string tied to the eagle. A rope hanging down from somewhere also got in my way. Finally, however, with the other fellow's help, I untangled everything, and I walked a ways down the railroad tracks. Just as I was holding my eagle, ready to begin, my eagle started flapping its wings and I realized the poor thing was still alive. Feeling sorry for it, I began talking soothingly to it. I had thought it was a mere inanimate object, but now I realized it was alive. Now, however, I realized it was important for the eagle to be able to fly a bit once we were in the air.

I rethought what I needed to do. I just needed to take off running while holding the eagle in the air. The wind would then catch the eagle and pull it up into the air. I in turn would be pulled into the air and then I would go all the way around in a loop and come back down to the ground. I recalled I had practiced this once before alone, but this was the first time I had ever done it in front of people. I got ready to take off running.

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