Dream of: 04 September 2007 "No Way"

Carolina and I had gone to an auditorium to watch some kind of performance on stage. We were directed to the second floor and just as we reached the top of the stairs and turned to look for a seat, I heard someone say something to me. As Carolina sat down, I turned around and saw someone sitting in the corner. I simply could not believe my eyes: it was my good friend Eloise!

I knew Eloise had died. At least I had been told that she had, that she had committed suicide. I gasped, "No way!"

I wasn't sure how to take this. Eloise looked in perfect health. She was trim and thin and looked about 40 years old. She displayed a beaming smile which just wouldn't go away. I, however, was torn between being happy and being miffed. If she were here, that must mean her death had been a big hoax. Such a hoax seemed cruel and mean. However, I was indeed happy to see her. I moved closer to her. I wanted to hug her, but I just kept saying, "No way. No way."

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