Dream of: 03 September 2007 "Slipped In"

I had just stepped out the front door of the 17th Street House and I was about to board my white 1999 Ford Escort parked in the side driveway, when Stephanie (a black-haired woman probably in her mid 30s who lived in the house next door) said something to me from her front yard. When I looked at Stephanie, she said Michelle (Stephanie used a different name for Michelle) was in my House. I looked at Stephanie incredulously. I hadn't seen Michelle in several days and I had been trying to find her. I had just been inside the House, and although several other women were in the House, I hadn't seen Michelle. When I asked Stephanie how Michelle had entered the House, she wasn't sure, but it looked as if Michelle must have slipped in through the back door while I hadn't been looking. I thought that Michelle might have been intoxicated and that she hadn't wanted me to see her in that state. That theory would at least explain how Michelle had avoided my seeing her. I still, however, found Michelle's presence in the House hard to believe.

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