Dream of: 01 September 2007 "Casablanca Street"

I had recently moved to New York City. I was living in a hotel room into which I had already moved some of my things. The hotel was located on "Foster Street," somewhere in mid-town.

I was walking on the streets of New York. I followed the signs at the corners, walking when the sign said "Walk," and waiting when the sign said, "Don't Walk." As I continued along, I was no longer walking, but was in a wheelchair, out on the street, heading back to my room. I passed a street called "Casablanca Street." I thought I needed to start memorizing the names of all the streets since I was probably going to spend the rest of my life here.

I was in a rather dangerous area of town, and I still had to cross a bridge to reach my abode. I pushed myself onto the bridge and headed up an incline toward the center of the bridge. I had no problem until I reached the center and started going down the other side. Some construction work had been taking place on he bridge so it was torn up in a few places. 

Another fellow in a wheelchair right in front of me had stopped his wheelchair and stepped out. I did the same thing. I didn't want to be in the wheelchair when I went down the other side because it was so steep and I didn't know whether I could control the wheelchair. Although I did have a slight problem with walking, I could still walk alright.

As I pushed my wheelchair down the bridge, I thought I might want to visit my old friend Weinstein while I was there. I thought he lived downtown. I could find out where he lived and visit him. I might even invite him to my place and show him where I was living. I would like to see Weinstein again, especially since I planned to stay in New York.

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