Dream of: 31 August 2007 "Cashing A Check"

I had gone to a bank to cash a check and I was standing in front of a thin male teller (probably in his late 30s). After I pulled my identification (a plastic card) out of my wallet and handed it to him, I realized I had given him the wrong card. I fumbled again through my wallet and gave him another plastic card, which likewise was not my identification.

In actuality, I had taken some kind of drug which was still in my system, hampering my thinking. The teller began staring at me as if something was wrong with me. I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and in the middle of my left arm, where it bends, were three or four little brownish-red mole-like marks. The teller looked intently at the marks and I knew he thought they were tracks from where I had been shooting up drugs. I looked at him and told him the marks weren't what they looked like. He told me to wait a minute and he walked into a back room.

When he returned, he laid down the plastic card I had given him and the check and he said he couldn't cash the check. I immediately began complaining. I told him that I had cashed checks many times here and that I wanted to talk with someone else.

He led me into a large back room where many people were standing around. A couple strong fellows immediately grabbed me and began searching me. Although I had taken some drugs, I knew I didn't have any drugs on me and I didn't have any outside in my car, so I wasn't worried about them finding anything. I complained until they let me go.

I walked over to a counter where a woman was standing and talking with someone. Since it sounded as if she were speaking German, I began speaking German with them. I thought that my speaking German might at least somewhat impress them and that they might cash my check, but they didn't seem terribly impressed.

I began to throw a fit in German. I told them I was a lawyer and I intimated that I might sue the bank because of the way they had treated me and the way they had searched me. By now, about 20 people had gathered around and were watching. I asked them why everyone here was speaking German, but no one gave me a straight answer. I wasn't sure, but I thought the people might be here for some kind of test program.

I was thinking ahead of what I would do when I left the bank. My car was parked outside. I knew I was intoxicated and that I could be arrested if I drove the car. So I definitely couldn't drive. On the other hand, if I left the car parked where it was, that would also cause a problem. I thought when I left, I would need to call someone to come and drive the car for me. I wasn't sure how I would go about it, but I knew I couldn't drive out of here myself. If I just didn't drive the car, things would probably work out.

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