Dream of: 29 August 2007 "Freedom"

I was in my old college town, Athens, Ohio (where I had attended college in southeastern Ohio in the early 1970s), wandering around narrow little streets, like those found in compact European cities. When I spotted four or five male college students sitting on beds outside a house, I walked over and sat down on a bed with them. I didn't say anything at first, but gradually we began talking.

A woman (about 25 years old, who reminded me of a thin-lipped French actress I had seen in the movies) showed up and joined the conversation.

One fellow was lying under a cover and the rest of us looked on as he obviously began masturbating. The others acted as if masturbation were normal for him, but I commented that I had never seen anyone do something like that in front of other people and I mentioned that it was rather "disgusting." The fellow finally emerged from the cover (as if nothing had happened) and lay quietly on his back.

Today was the first day of classes at the college. I had come to Athens with the intent of attending classes, but I now realized I couldn't simply enroll and immediately start classes. I would, therefore, probably need to first find a place to inhabit for a while.

The others wanted to know more about me, and I told them I at present was just moving around from place to place. More than anything, I just wanted to be free and I specifically mentioned the word "freedom." When I told them I was a lawyer in Texas, but not in Ohio, they seemed somewhat impressed and one fellow asked me what I intended to study. He indicated that the campus was divided into different areas depending on the field of study and that I therefore needed to know which subjects I planned to study so I could find lodging in the appropriate area. I reflected for a moment. I really hadn't thought about it before, but I answered, "Languages."

I had already noticed the woman had an accent, and when I said "languages," she suddenly seemed impressed that even though I was a lawyer I would want to study languages. When I asked her where she was from, she seemed a bit shy, but she responded, "France."

I quipped, "Je peux parler francais."

As I continued talking with her in French, she seemed to listen intently, as if she weren't quite sure what I was saying. When I told her that I knew my understanding of French wasn't perfect, but that I should be able to understand her if she spoke French, she started a little conversation with me in French.

We stood up and walked around together. Thinking my Spanish and German were better than my French, I asked her if she could speak Spanish and she responded, "No."

I asked, "Deutsch?"

When she said yea, I began talking with her in German. My German likewise wasn't perfect, but I was able to carry on a conversation.

After she and I sat down, I moved closer and closer to her until finally I started kissing her. As our passions became more and more enkindled, I realized I could probably make love to her. Even though we were outside and people could probably see us, I imagined myself climbing atop her and hunching her, and my imagination grew so strong, I found myself actually on top of her, hunching her.

As soon as I imagined unbuttoning her pants, I was actually doing it. I pulled off her blue jeans and panties, and when I imagined pulling off my pants, they were pulled off. I had an erection and I thought how embarrassed I would be if my erection vanished, especially since I could already feel it starting to fade. My problem: I was ready now, but at the moment of action, my erection might disappear. Therefore I felt the need to rush before my erection evanesced.

I lay down beside her, put my hand on her pubic hairs, then groped farther until I could feel her vagina. I rolled my middle finger between the lips of her vagina and stuck in my finger. Not yet wet, just barely moist, she moaned, "You're hurting me."

I eased up, then inserted my finger again, until she interjected more emphatically, "You're hurting me!"

I eased up again. She was obviously going to allow me to make love to her, but I just couldn't be quick about it.

Emboldened, I began thinking how easily I could seduce women if I really wanted, how I could probably seduce any woman. Thinking I could surely seduce ugly women, I tried to remember an ugly woman whom I knew. I thought about George (a handy man who had done some handy-man work for me in Portsmouth) and his girlfriend, Sue, who exemplified ugly women, as fat as she was.

To seduce a woman, I concluded I would only need to figure out what the woman liked and then start talking with her about that. Sue, for example, probably had no real interests, but she probably liked money, so I would only need to start talking with her about money.

I wondered who else I could seduce. Michelle passed through my mind. If I really wanted, I thought I could even seduce Michelle. I only needed to find out what Michelle liked and start talking about it.

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