Dream of: 25 August 2007 "Moody Blues"

Carolina (she was about 25 years old and seemed somewhat like Birdie) was sitting in a seat in the row in front of me in a movie theater. In other seats around me I had placed about 10 stacks of records which I had brought to the theater with me, about 50 records in each stack. Some people flipping through the records had found numerous doubles and they had stacked the doubles together. In the doubles stack I saw three copies of an album with a dark blue cover by the rock group "Moody Blues."

The theater had begun to fill with people. Carolina and I stood up and walked around a little. When we returned, I couldn't find an empty seat and I couldn't find my record albums. We did, however, finally see two seats in separate locations which we decided to take, so she would be sitting in one place and I in another.

I was uneasy, however, because I was worried about my record albums. Carolina said the movie theater had taken the albums and wasn't going to give them back to me because record albums weren't allowed in the theater. I wished I hadn't brought the albums. I just didn't understand why in the world I would have brought record albums to the movie theater.

When I walked back to the lobby and started searching, someone told me the albums were stacked up somewhere. I kept looking until I saw a stack of something, which turned out to be a bunch of board games and not my albums.

Through the front doors of the theater I could see some kids gathered outside. I didn't know if they were serious, but some were starting to fight, pushing and banging into each other, and some were wearing helmets. It looked a little dangerous out there.

I finally asked a fellow who worked in the theater if he knew where my albums were. He told me where they were, stacked along a side wall in the lobby. When I asked him if I could have them, he told me to go ahead and take them.

Carolina walked up to me as I headed toward the albums. There were so many albums, I didn't know how I was going to take all of them out. I thought I might carry them out a side door, stack them up outside, then haul them away in my car.

Just as I started to carry the albums out, however, it started raining. I saw an awning under which I might be able to put them, but I thought the albums would still get wet there. I told Carolina I was going to go get the car. I wanted her to stay with the albums until I returned. She wasn't happy about the whole affair, but she agreed to do it.

I headed for the car which was several blocks away. The streets looked a little dangerous, but I forged ahead anyway.

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