Dream of: 21 August 2007 "No Right"

I was at a new university which appeared to have been recently built. The buildings were constructed of red brick. As I was walking around the campus, I began thinking I might have parked my car where I shouldn't have. I thought I needed to go back and check my car. I walked back toward the street until I came out at a place where a Chinese restaurant was sitting on the other side of the street. It was morning and I was a bit hungry. I thought I might go into the restaurant and order some Chinese food to eat.

Instead, I walked back into the university. I reached a raised platform which intrigued me. I thought I could climb onto the platform, jump off and fly over the whole area. However, the platform had a black iron fence around it, and a female police officer was standing in a nearby group of people, so I thought I probably shouldn't climb over the fence.

Since I was atop some stairs, I decided to simply jump off the stairs. I jumped off, flew around for a little bit, and returned to the same spot. Nobody had even noticed me. I walked over to the other side of the steps and jumped off. Out in front of me was a wide area of grass. I flew around the entire area in an upright position. Flying felt good. I passed by a big electric wire which I hadn't even noticed until I had passed it. I thought I needed to be aware of the wire if I flew around this way again. Of course no one even noticed me.

I thought I would circle around again, when suddenly I saw a woman flying toward me. It looked as if she might be on a bicycle, but when she flew closer, I saw she was lying flat on a surfboard. I vaguely seemed to recognize her. Blonde, probably in her early 30s, she was wearing a one piece bathing suit. She was flying so fast, I had the impression she wanted to race. Just as she was passing me on my right, I reached out with my right hand and grabbed the back of her surfboard, bringing her to a stop. She and the surfboard both fell immediately to the ground.

I flew down beside her as she was picking up her surfboard. Now I realized she had somehow heard me talking about flying before, and she had decided to try it out herself. However, because I had stopped her flight, she said, "I'm disappointed in you."

I felt bad for what I had done. When she lay back down on her surfboard, I hesitated, then put my hands on her back and started rubbing the bottom of her neck right between her shoulders. I thought I might assuage her with a little massage. At the same time, I said, "Maybe you're disappointed in other things, too."

I was trying to take the blame off me for what I had done and trying to intimate that she was just a disappointed person in general. Reflecting more, however, I still felt bad about what I had done and I said, "I had no right to do that."

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