Dream of: 12 August 2007 "Dancing Wildly"

I in a big crowd of people at the Gallia County, Ohio, fair. For some reason, everyone was told to leave, and the people started crowding out through the gates. Someone said there had been a big train wreck, but I couldn't figure out why everyone would have to leave the fair because of a train wreck. Once I was outside the gates, I saw a train track and a train going by, but I didn't see any wreck.

However, when I looked off to my left, I spotted a big black train engine which had gone off the tracks and wrecked. I could see other wreckage further past the engine.

I began walking in the direction of the wreckage. Other people also began walking in that direction. Thinking I might be able to help someone, I began calling out. I continued walking until I walked into either a building or a train car. A short slender doctor (about 50 years old, dressed in white) met me and told me I was in an operating room. I detected a slight stench in the air and saw bloody things lying around the room. As he and I walked through the room, I even noticed a couple bodies lying over to the side. Continuing through the maze-like room, I wasn't sure what to think of the place.

When I came out on the other side of the room, I seemed to have walked into some kind of rock concert. Ramey (about 20 years old) was with me. Ramey and I walked around through the crowd. The event was being held in what appeared to be a stadium. We were still on the outside of the stadium, but we were able to climb up and look over the wall into the stadium. I could see the stage, which seemed to have some people in uniform around it. It looked as if the stadium was only about half full of people.

Ramey and I decided to try to go inside. If possible, we wanted to get right in front of the stage and start dancing wildly.

We climbed back down from the wall of the stadium and we continued walking. I needed to use the bathroom and I spotted a urinal, but it looked so nasty, I walked on, and I told Ramey I needed to find a bathroom. Finally I saw a toilet. A commode was in a stall at the end of a little tiny passage only about 30 centimeters wide. It looked clean, however, so I walked back to the commode and I shut the door to the stall behind me. I only needed to urinate, but I thought I might go ahead and defecate while I was here. I stood up on the rim of the commode and pulled my pants down. Just then, a fellow walked in on me and said I hadn't waited in line. A whole series of people walked into my stall and walked back out. Apparently I had cut in front of everyone who had been waiting in a line which I hadn't noticed. They were all clearly upset.

I couldn't do anything, so I pulled my pants up, walked out, and started looking for Ramey, who was supposed to be waiting for me nearby. When I couldn't find him anywhere, I sat down to wait. A man and woman walked up, sat down next to me, and started speaking German with each other. When they stood back up, I also stood up and began walking along with them. When they looked at me as if to ask what I was doing, I looked back and said in German, "Was?"

Obviously they didn't want me to accompany them, so I walked over to another person who was speaking German and I began speaking German to him. Speaking German felt good. The fellow and I sat down near several people. I started talking to two German fellows (both about 20 years old, dressed in blue shirts) about getting some drugs. They said the Russian had the drugs. I had earlier heard about the Russian and how he was supposed to have some good drugs, but I hadn't been able to find him. I asked the fellows if the drugs were "stark," and they said they were. I particularly wanted some good strong LSD. Apparently they had taken some LSD and they seemed well satisfied with it.

A fellow sitting behind me pulled out a big white briefcase and he pulled some money out of the briefcase. A $100 bill was on top. Two fellows sitting behind him reached down and took the $100 bill. The fellow didn't do anything, but their action upset me. I walked over to the two fellows and grabbed the $100 bill as well as a whole wad of other money they had taken from the fellow. As I was about to put the money back in the briefcase, I saw that the briefcase was completely stuffed with money.

I thought I should take the briefcase for the man and keep it for him. I didn't know whether he had taken some drugs, but he was obviously incapable of taking care of the briefcase and the money. I took the briefcase from him and I told him to come with me. I started walking away and when I looked back around for him, he wasn't there. I continued walking through the crowd which now seemed to be on a city street. It turned out that a large area of the city had been cordoned off. The city seemed European, possibly in Germany.

As I kept walking, it occurred to me I might simply keep this money. If so, I needed to quickly find a place to stay. I thought I might be able to find a hotel, but I knew all the rooms in this area of town would already be taken. Perhaps I could just go to the door of someone's room, knock, and tell whoever was inside that I would give $1,000 if I could just stay in the room.

I just needed to find a hotel room. Then I might keep all the money after all.

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