Dream of: 08 August 2007 "Let's Party"

I had been staying with Carolina (my second ex-wife, about 30 years old) for a few days in Texas at the Summerdale Drive House (which looked different from normal) while her husband Sal was away. Since I knew he was supposed to return at any time now, I was getting ready to leave, and I asked Carolina if she would give me "a blow job" before I left. She emphatically answered, "No!" I asked her if I could "fuck" her before I left, and again she replied, "No."

I was disappointed, but at the same time I knew I needed to get out of there. I suddenly realized it was Sunday and I still had my stuff strewn all over the front room and all over the rest of the House. I had also parked my car in the back yard. Since the car had Ohio license plates, her husband would instantly know I was in the House if he saw the car. I needed to go out and move the car.

I concentrated on picking up my stuff in the living room until I had picked up everything of mine in the living room. I still needed to get some of my stuff out of the basement. Suddenly, however, I heard Carolina talking to someone and I realized Sal had walked in the back door and she was talking with him. I decided I would simply sit down and wait for him to walk in the room; then I would calmly explain to him that I had simply come here to pick up my stuff.

From where I was sitting I could see into the adjoining room. About 20 people walked by carrying band instruments. I realized Sal was in a band and these people had come here to practice. Obviously he knew I was in the House, but he didn't come into the room where I was. A thin diminutive fellow walked by the door and I thought at first he was Sal, but he wasn't

Everyone quickly set up their band equipment in the next room and they began playing music. The song had the words "let's party" in it. It occurred to me that Carolina had started liking Sal in the first place because he was a party person.

I continued gathering together my things and I began looking for my shoes, a pair of black shoes sewn with white thread, but I couldn't find them.

Carolina meanwhile had disappeared into he kitchen with some people. I finally entered the kitchen and discovered about 20 people sitting around. I didn't know who they were. I called to Carolina (who now looked as if she were in her late teens). She appeared nervous and thin, as if everyone except she was in control of the place, as if all these people had simply taken over. I asked her to step out of the kitchen for a minute, but before we could do so, someone said, "Hi, Steven."

I didn't know who had spoken. I looked around and focused on a woman (about 30 years old) sitting there. I asked her if she knew me and she said she did. I didn't know how she knew me, but I dallied in front of her. I figured she was probably somehow related to Sal.

I finally walked out of the kitchen and asked Carolina to help me find my shoes. I simply wanted to leave. She started helping me going through a whole line of shoes on the floor, but I still couldn't find mine. She thought she found them once, but the shoes weren't mine. I kept looking.

I started thinking if I could just get my stuff and leave, I would go to the home of Carolina's mother, Paz. I continued looking for my shoes, hoping to leave as fast as I could.

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