Dream of: 06 August 2007 "Pum"

I was in Teheran, Iran, sitting in a room which looked like a classroom with 30-40 chairs. Perhaps a dozen men were sitting into the room. Some were talking with each other. All were Iranians except for one American. He was a slender man, perhaps 40 years old. He was also chatting -- obviously he could speak Farsi well. He definitely paid no attention to me and he seemed to make a point of ignoring me.

I wasn't sure why I was here. I knew being in Iran was extremely dangerous, yet I didn't feel afraid. If I died, I died, as simple as that. Even if I were arrested and thrown in jail, I would endure: I had been in jail here before. Of course I realized I wouldn't be given such good treatment as before. I would probably be tossed in a large room with dozens of illiterate Iranians. Maybe I would at least be able to read the Koran and I would be able to learn Farsi. I would make the best of it.

I had forgotten almost all the Farsi I used to know. One man sitting close to me seemed friendlier than the rest and he handed me a book which was a dictionary of Farsi words. He also spoke to me in English and we carried on a broken conversation. He used a few Farsi words when he talked and when he said the word "pum," I looked up the word in the dictionary and saw that it meant "vegetables." I repeated the word to myself several times, trying to memorize it. I tried to remember other Farsi words which I had learned so long ago, but none returned to me.

The Iranian man was also about 40 years old. He talked with the American and they seemed on good terms. He again spoke to me and I asked him if he knew of any other Americans in Teheran. He said he didn't. He only knew of one American woman who lived by herself somewhere in the mountains. I tried to envision the mountains and imagine what kind of woman would live off alone here somewhere in Iran. Maybe she was filthy ugly. It was hard to imagine.

I also tried to imagine the map of Iran. In the northeast section I could envision several little countries lying between Iran and China. I thought I might like to travel through that vast unexplored area and reach China. I might even live permanently there. I would learn both Farsi and Chinese and would learn all about that area. But I realized such an adventure was unlikely. Right now I just needed to concentrate on finding a place to stay tonight.

Gradually everyone in the room had left except for the Iranian man who had been talking to me and the American. Finally the Iranian also stood up and left. I was sorry to see him go - the only friendly face I had met.

The American also stood up and walked to the door. I followed him and when he reached the door, although he obviously didn't want to speak to me, I asked, "Where can I go to spend the night?"

Without even looking at me he muttered, "Go ahead."

He walked off and left me standing. I didn't know where to go. I would just have to start searching in the menacing streets.

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