Dream of: 03 August 2007 "A Drop Of Blood"

I was walking around Portsmouth with Adkins (about 55 years old, a former high school schoolmate) who was in good shape. He was checking on some houses which he owned in Portsmouth. I asked him how many he owned and he said he had four. I knew I owned six houses in Portsmouth. We were on Fourth Street, where I knew he owned two nice houses, nicer than the ones I owned.

Adkins was checking the commodes in the houses. We had already been in one house which had contained two commodes. We now walked into a second house and descended to the basement where we found a connection for a commode, but no commode. Adkins was planning to work on the commode there and fix it.

I had gradually begun to realize I owned half of this house and half of the first house we had visited. Now that we were in the basement, I saw a hook-up for a second commode, and I concluded the area around the second commode hook-up belonged to me. I decided to work on my commode while Adkins was working on his.

I looked on the floor for the drain to my commode, but I couldn't find the hole. The hole's not being there seemed strange, because I knew I had seen a commode there before and had even used the commode. I commented that it seemed as if I had entered "the twilight zone."

I bent down and looked more closely at the floor, which consisted of thin strips of wood-flooring painted blue. I thought perhaps new flooring had been laid over the hole, but the flooring clearly was old with old cracked paint, indicating new flooring had not been laid. 

I walked over to Adkins and fetched him to look at my area where the commode was supposed to be. When we returned to my section, I pushed an old sink out of the way, and I spotted the hole for the commode in the floor under the sink.

As I looked at the hole, I noticed part of the wall had been torn out behind the sink and I saw someone's hand on the other side of the wall, laying bricks to fill the hole in the wall.

Adkins looked at the pipe in the hole in the floor. He said it was cracked and would need replaced. I looked it over and then walked out back outside, thinking about what all I would need to do to fix the commode.

When I finally returned inside the house, I found a woman and a girl (about 3 years old) and I suddenly realized the girl was Brandi. Adkins had previously told me Brandi had lived in the house. Since I wanted to meet Brandi, I walked closer and looked at her. Adkins introduced me to her and I bent down to look at her more closely. She had curly blonde hair and she looked almost like the actress Shirley Temple. I said, "God, you're beautiful."

She was somewhat friendly, but she didn't come any closer to me. She didn't understand what was going on. I wanted to reach out and hug her, but I knew that wouldn't be appropriate. I scrutinized her, trying to detect some resemblance to me. She didn't look like Birdie, Birdie's husband Rick, or me. A beautiful little girl, she started talking about how she could tap dance.

When I noticed a fat woman (about 30 years old) hovering nearby, I asked the woman if she were the mother. She said, "No."

It suddenly struck me that if I could just get a blood sample, if I could just get "a drop of blood," then I could have the blood tested to see if I were the father. The words "a drop of blood" went through my mind several times. I thought maybe I could offer Brandi $100 for a drop of her blood, or maybe I could offer the money to the woman to obtain a drop of Brandi's blood for me.

However, since I really didn't want to raise any suspicions that I might be Brandi's father, I didn't know exactly how to ask for the blood, but I was determined that somehow I would obtain a drop of Brandi's blood.

Suddenly, however, I realized Brandi should be much older than this girl -- Brandi should be in her 30s. Maybe, I thought, this was my granddaughter, the daughter of Brandi. I was abruptly very confused as to the identity of the child.

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