Dream of: 02 August 2007 (2) "Animal Act"

While working as a bankruptcy attorney, I was starting to take a special interest in the animals of my clients. I was interested in how to deal with the animals and how to protect them. I was also learning how to actually work with the animals and I intended to perform with different animals.

I was in a room where some other people were standing around when two cats walked in. One cat (a big yellow one) walked up to me and grabbed my whole right hand (balled up into a fist) in its mouth. Although this was supposed to be part of the act, I couldn't get my hand out of the cat's mouth. I had heard that when this happens, the animal would let loose if it were tickled on the neck with a finger. So I started tickling the cat's neck with my finger. The cat seemed to slightly let loose, but not enough.

I grabbed the cat with my left hand and started pulling on it until my right hand started coming off. I could feel the cat's teeth tearing my right hand. Finally my hand snapped out and the cat's head recoiled back and hit a piece of furniture, making a loud thud. Someone made a comment about how that wasn't good for the animal. I had to agree. The cat, however, appeared unharmed.

Obviously my act would need some improvement. Clearly I did not yet know quite what I was doing with the animals. 

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