Dream of: 02 August 2007 "Devastating Feeling"

I was in the back seat of a car. Three members of my family, including my grandmother Leacy, were in the front. Suddenly we spotted some huge funnel clouds which appeared to be headed right toward us. All at once we could feel the tornado swirling us around. Thinking the car would be pulled up into the tornado, I dived down into the floor of the back seat and pulled a small beige end-table over top of me.

Immediately, however, I began worrying about the others. They were all crowded together in the front seat and I didn't know what they were going to do. I could feel the car being blown all over the place, and suddenly I realized I had been blown out of the car.

I stood up and looked around. Other people were walking around in a daze. The entire area was completely devastated. I started hollering for my grandmother and for my mother. Dazed, I walked around hollering, up one street and down another, but I couldn't find them. I began to realize they had probably been killed. The feeling was devastating.

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