Dream of: 01 August 2007 (2) "Real Concerns"

I was visiting my mother in a house where she was living. My father was also visiting her. They were probably in their late 30s and they were lying together on a couch in the living room. I lay down on the floor and listened to them talking. My father was saying, "What am I doing here? What am I doing here?"

Apparently my father didn't normally come there and he didn't know why he had come there today. I was wondering myself what I was doing there. I heard my mother say, "Steven has some real concerns."

She meant I had some problems which I was trying to work through. With a tinge of hurt in his voice, my father said he didn't know, because I never contacted him anymore. I thought to myself that I really didn't have any problems and I wished my mother wouldn't say things like that to my father, because it really wasn't true.

I picked up the phone and started talking with Carolina. I didn't want to talk in front of my parents, and when Carolina's voice started cutting out, I stood up to go to the other room.  As I was leaving, my mother climbed down on the floor and started trying to kill some black ants which were crawling around all over the place. She was trying to kill them one at a time. I thought that wasn't a good way to kill them.

I heard my mother say the "laborer" had come. I looked at the front door and saw a fellow standing there. He had apparently arrived to do some work.

When I reached the adjoining room, a wire on my phone came undone. I tried to plug the wire back in, but I was having difficulty. I thought perhaps I had lost Carolina for the moment.

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