Dream of: 01 August 2007 "Odd Shapes"

I was standing beside the Gallia County Farmhouse, on the side of the House which leads up to where the old tobacco barn used to stand. I noticed the Farmhouse sported a huge white chimney which must have stretched 50 meters up into the sky. My uncle Ronald (thin, about 50 years old) was standing beside me. I talked to him about how high the chimney was and he agreed it was very high. I thought to myself that tearing down that chimney would require much effort.

My father and Carolina were also outside. My father was watching Carolina build some kind of little building. She had taken some pieces of lumber and fashioned them into some very odd shapes for the walls. It looked as if she really didn't know what she was doing. I doubted the pieces of lumber would work. Nevertheless, she remained busy trying to put the building together.

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